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파편 Fragmen
  주문수량 :


  • 08.07.(fri) 13:00 | 인디스페이스(예매 맥스무비 | YES24) 
  • 08.09.(sun) 14:30 | 산울림 소극장(현매만 가능) 


<파편>은 2005년 대안예술집단 루앙루파의 작가들이 공동으로 연출한 예술 프로젝트이다. <파편>은 영화에서의 극화의 구조가 구성되는 논리에 문제를 제기하고 있으며, 인도네시아의 미디어 문화에 대하 비판을 가한다.

Fragmen is a collaborative art project from visual artists to make a film produced by ruangrupa in 2005. Ade Darmawan, Hafiz, Henry Foundation, Indra Ameng, Otty Widasari, Mateus Bondan, oomleo, and Reza ‘Asung’ Afisina are the directors who collaborate with at least 15 visual artists and musicians who often involve in art projects of ruangrupa. Fragmen! is attempting to questioning, playing, and even make fun on how the logical structure of dramatization was constructed in film. This film become a sort of criticism about the notion of dramatization, corporeality and performance, and violence which presented by most of Indonesia film in movie theatres at that time. The movie criticized the media culture at that time.



루앙루파는 2000년도에 예술가 그룹이 자카르타에 설립한 아티스트 프로젝트그룹이다.


ruangrupa is a contemporary visual art organization established in 2000 by a group of artists in Jakarta. As a nonprofit organization, ruangrupa copes to support the progress of visual art ideas in urban contexts and a vast scope of culture through various exhibitions, festival, visual art laboratory, workshop, research, and also the publishing of books, magazines, and online journals.