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충돌 Crash
  주문수량 :


  • 08.08.(sat) 15:00 인디스페이스(예매 맥스무비 | YES24)
  • 08.11.(tue) 15:00 산울림소극장(현매만 가능)


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앙군 프리암보


Anggun Priambodo

A visual artist, a film and music video director studied at interior design in Jakarta Institute of Art. Collaborating with Henry Foundation, he formed The Jadugar and gained award as best director in Indonesia MTV Music Awards 2003. He is a long time participated for OK. Video Festival in 2003, 2007, 2009, and 2011. In 2010 he managed his first solo exhibition at Toko Keperluan in RURU Gallery. Then joined Singapore Biennale: If The World Changed in 2013. In the same year he released his first feature film Rocket Rain (2013) and awarded with Geber Award in Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival 2013. He is also the founder of Lab Laba-Laba.