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모두의 게임 The Game of All
  주문수량 :


  • 08.18 (Fri) 19:30  탈영역우정국
  • 08.21 (Mon) 17:00  인디스페이스 (예매 맥스무비 | YES24)


실제 인생과 비슷한 인생게임 속 주인공 '찹쌀떡'이 강아지 친구와 함께 인생 게임을 시작한다. '찹쌀떡'은 자신의 특기를 살려 트럼펫을 시작하지만 현실에 부딪쳐 좌절하게 되는데...

An imaginary character named "Mochi" was born on the day when his grandfather died. Mochi and his dog play a game of life.
Mochi goes to college to develop his talent with the trumpet, but he struggles in the midst of his parents' separation and economic hardship.



1992년생. 청강문화산업대학교를 졸업했다.

 JO Yeseul 

She was born in 1992. She graduated from Chungkang College of Cultural Industries.