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그린 스크린 그링고 Green Screen Gringo
  주문수량 :


  • 08.19 (Sat) 17:00  탈영역우정국
  • 08.22 (Tue) 12:00  인디스페이스 (예매 맥스무비 | YES24)


상파울루에서는 딜마 대통령의 탄핵 운동이 한창이지만 사람들은 아무렇지도 않게 일상을 지속한다. 녹색 스크린 뒤의 한 외국인이 매혹적이며서도 격동적인 상파울루에서 자신의 길을 찾는다. 개인의 일상 속 한 순간에 드리워진 그린 스크린은 오브제와 콘텍스트의 익숙한 조합을 깨고 다른 것을 상상할 여지를 열어준다.

Behind a green screen, a foreigner finds his way in an enchanting - and yet turbulent - São Paulo, Brazil. Where the streets are a stage for politics, art and affection, a gringo can only watch. Dijkstra shows us São Paulo as a city of contrasts. Brazil is going through political upheaval, but never loses its passion for (traditional) music and art. The result is a mixtape-portrait on a country and its inhabitants seen through the eyes of a visitor.



 다우베 데이크스트라 








Douwe Dijkstra (1984, Netherlands) was educated at the ArtEZ Art Academy in Zwolle where he graduated in 2005. Dijkstra works on commissioned projects like music videos, installations and short films. As a co-founder of the 33 1/3 collective, he intertwines theatre productions and video projections. His short film Démontable premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014 and received a special mention at the Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival in 2015.