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- 22.7 °C

 Artist : 얀 쿠넹 JAN Kounen
 Year : 2019
 Country : France, Belgium
 Running Time : 8min 36sec
 Premiere : Korea Premiere
 Program : VR PROGRAM/ Non-Border VR



빙산이 갈라지고, 갈라진 얼음이 요동치고, 썰매를 끄는 개가 울부짖는다. 전자음악프로듀서인 몰렉은 그린란드의 사냥꾼 마을에 몸을 피하고 작곡할 북극의 소리를 녹음한다. 그의 여정에서 영감을 얻은 <-22.7°C>는 관객에게 강력하고도 위험한 극지방의 소리를 탐색하는 경험과 내면으로써의 여행을 선사한다.

An iceberg is cracking, the ice flow is breathing and a sled dog is howling...Electronic music producer Moléule cuts himself off in a village of hunter in Greenland. He records sounds of the Arctic to compose. Inspired by his adventure, -22.7° VR offers a sensory and introspective trip in the polar regions. Guided by the sounds, the user is in a deep listening state. Through an initiatory journey, he reconnects with Nature and his inner self. The user navigates between an «outer» dimension, where he discovers a powerful, majestic but dangerous nature; and an «inner» dimension, where he faces his sensations and fears. Little by little, these two dimensions merge and lead the user to a final state of harmony and communion with the universe.


얀 쿠넹

얀 쿠넹은 감독이자 시나리오 작가, 프로듀서이다. 1997년 그는 첫 장편 영화인 Dobermann을 감독했으며, 그 후 그는 Blueberry (2004)와 다수의 다큐멘터리를 제작하였다. 2007년에는 99francsCoco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky을 감독했으며, 현재 그는 Ayahuasca, Seven Lives, - 22.7°C VR 작품을 제작하고 있다.


JAN Kounen

Director, screenwriter and producer Jan Kounen directed his first feature film, Dobermann, in 1997, followed by Blueberry (2004) and several documentaries. He then directed 99 francs in 2007 and Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. He is currently developing 3 VR experiences: Ayahuasca (aka. Kosmik Journey), Seven Lives and - 22.7°.