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입장이 없는 관점 The View from Nowhere

 Artist : Semiconductor 세미컨덕터
 Year : 2018
 Country : UK, Netherlands
 Running Time : 13min
 Color : color
 Genre : Single Channel Video
 Program : Alternative NewMedia Cinema: Shorts


일정 2019년8월18일(일) 16:00 롯데시네마 홍대입구 2관 | 인터파크 예매하기


<입장이 없는 관점>은 제네바에 있는 입자물리학 실험실 'CERN'의 과학과 기술을 통해, 자연 속 인간의 위치를 탐구하는 단채널 영상 작업이다. <입장이 없는 관점>이라는 제목은 철학적 개념을 의미하는데, 이는 과학이 가치있는 것으로 보여지기 위해서는 자연계의 객관적 분석으로 남아야 한다는 뜻이다.

The View from Nowhere is a single-channel moving image work which explores man’s place in nature through the science and technology of CERN, the particle physics laboratory in Geneva. The title The View from Nowhere refers to the philosophical concept that science should remain an objective analysis of the natural world, if it is to be seen as having value.




Semiconductor make moving image works which reveal our physical world in flux; cities in motion, shifting landscapes and systems in chaos. Since 1999 UK artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt have worked with digital animation to transcend the constraints of time, scale and natural forces, they explore the world beyond human experience questioning our very existence. Central to these works is the role of sound, which becomes synonymous with the image, as it creates, controls and deciphers it; exploring resonance, through the natural order of things.