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[-]엮기 [-]잇기 [-]weave [-]connect
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  • 08.10.(mon) 20:00 | 산울림소극장(현매만 가능)
  • 08.13.(thu) 11:00 | 인디스페이스 (예매 맥스무비 | YES24)


신체에 입히는 의복을 만드는 방법과 사람들과의 교류에서 관계를 형성하는 방법 모두 서로에게 닿는 무언가를 엮거나 잇고, 때론 그것을 해체한다.

Making clothes to put on the body and forming relationships from interactions with people all weave or connect something that touch each other, and sometimes break them up. While each is facing each other, they tend to get busy to weave the relationship more firmly and find a strand that became untied somewhere. However, someone is already preparing for knotting.


김주미 작가는 서울예술대학의 미디어창작학부를 졸업했다. 주요 작품으로는 <한국어 수업>(2012), <형상기억장치>(2013) 등이 있다.


KIM Jumi

Kim Jumi graduated from Seoul Institute of the Arts in Department of Media. She made <Korean Lesson>(2012) and <Refresh Memory Device>(2013) and so on.