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  • 08.08.(sat) 15:00 인디스페이스(예매 맥스무비 | YES24)
  • 08.11.(tue) 15:00 산울림소극장(현매만 가능)


작가는 카메라에 의해 보아지는 자신을 다시 바라본다. 자기반영적인 순간을 무대화하는 작품.

레자 아피시나


Reza Afisina

Studied cinematography in Jakarta Institute of Art (1995-1999). Making videos, installations, and performances that have been presented in various international exhibitions; International Performance Manifestation, Minas Gerais, Brasil; Yokohama Triennale,Japan; and Guggenheim Museum New York, United States. Other than his tight schedule working at ruangrupa, he managed to keenly perform music with his band called bequiet and Kapitalindo. He is also a disk jockey under the stage name Viva Los Amigos.