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아데간 우사이 후잔 Adegan Usai Hujan
  주문수량 :


  • 08.08.(sat) 15:00 인디스페이스(예매 맥스무비 | YES24)
  • 08.11.(tue) 15:00 산울림소극장(현매만 가능)


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Syaiful Anwar

Was born in Jakarta on 1983. He studied journalism at the Institute of Socio-Political Sciences, Jakarta. His video work became one of the winners of National Media Art Competition 2010. His works has beed presented in national and international circle, such as; Entre Utopia y Distopia-Palestra Asia di Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico 2011 and  24th Edition Images Festival (special Presentation), Toronto Free Gallery, Canada in the same year.