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그녀의 전설 Where Mermaids Go
  주문수량 :



어느 날 유진은 엄마가 없어졌다는 전화에 아들 민호와 급히 제주로 내려온다. 해녀인 엄마가 물질하던 흔적들이 구석구석 여전한데, 밤새도록 소식이 없는 엄마. 이른 아침 유진은 마당에서 커다란 야생곰을 발견한다. 자신이 엄마라고 다가오는 곰과 할머니라고 따르는 민호, 모든 게 어안이 벙벙한 유진. 세 사람의 꿈같은 하루가 시작되는데...    

One day Eu-jin urgently goes to Jeju Island with his son, Min-ho, after she received the phone call about that her mother has been missing in the sea.
Since her mother is a woman diver, her mother’s house in the Island is still filled ith the signs of the her sea life in every corner but Eu-jin never hears from her mother all night long. In the early morning, Eu-jin finds out that there is a big wild bear in the yard and the bear comes close to her, saying that she is her mother. As her son Min-ho calls the bear “Grandma”, Eu-jin gets dumb founded and then the special day of three people, which is dreamlike, begins.



연세대학교 정치외교학과와 한국영화아카데미를 졸업하였다. 장편영화 <만추>(2010) 등을 연출하였고, 단편영화 <그녀의 전설>(2015)은 제20회 부산국제영화제 와이드앵글 부문, 제13회 서울환경영화제, 제21회 인디포럼 등에서 상영되었다.   

KIM Tae-yong 

He graduated from Yonsei Univ. as a Politics and Diplomacy major and from the Korean Academy of Film Arts. Directed several feature films including Late Autumn(2010) and not a few shorts including Where Mermaids Go(2015).